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Excellent news!

We’ve been accepted into the 2021 cohort of NC IDEA Labs, which is a startup accelerator with the potential for $10,000 of funding upon completion of the program!

Here’s the brief concept:

RESCIV is building an experiential learning marketplace platform that allows people to curate learning experiences over time.  There are lots of different directions this project could go, based on what we discover through continued research efforts with potential target audiences.  We want to make it easier for people to keep track of their learning efforts, regardless of topic, modality, or timeframe.

Right now we’re looking into how people like you go about learning the things they do, and why.

What I need to do is have as many conversations as possible with people about their learning experiences.

Are you interested and available?

If so, please click to sign up for a time slot or just fill out the form below:

Assessment Assessment Delivery Construction Learning News

Hybrid Learning Experiences with the ADC

The Assessment Delivery Construction (ADC) platform is software-as-a-service (SaaS) for any customer in any sector where it is necessary to evaluate relationships between people, machines, and information. For any customer/user, the ADC serves as a space within which one can follow the entire evidence-centered measurement-assessment-evaluation chain for any number of hybrid learning experiences that need to be designed, delivered, and improved. We’ve provided a short “teaser” video spot to introduce the ADC.  Watch it here:

The ADC can be used to build measurement instrumentation (either by adapting existing instruments and/or building new instruments from scratch); build learning experiences for any number of targeted human(-machine) audiences; design and implement assessment decision procedures and protocols (with and without the involvement of automation through algorithms) for human assessors (decision makers); and provide a stage (a venue) for the evaluation process, where assessment decisions can be contextualized as an understanding of learning for any number of humans (based on demonstrated performances that may or may not involve interaction with machines or other people). The ADC platform is the all encompassing space within which to manage all of these design, development, implementation, and maintenance activities continuously for any learning and assessment scenario that occurs within any sector of human activity anywhere in the world. RESCIV is currently in the early stages of designing and developing the ADC as its flagship product.